A note on budget machines for deep learning

Since the post last year detailing a cheap deep learning machine, I’ve have some modified advice regarding memory and GPU selection:

  1. Regarding memory, I would definitely recommend 16GB or 32GB. This can be useful for working with large datasets, and the time/hassle it saves is likely worth the money. (A larger SSD is also useful, but not as much a priority).
  2. Regarding the GPU, I would now recommend the 1060 6GB or the 1070 8GB. The selection of GPU, however, is highly dependent on your specific needs. I’ve been working a lot with medical image segmentation and had to upgrade to a 1070 8GB card in order to train some of the large networks with a batch size of 1.

Based on the first post, and given these considerations, you should be able to build a quality and user friendly deep learning machine for as low as $700.

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