About me

Hi, I’m Ross Gruetzemacher. I’m a data scientist and a visiting assistant professor at the University of Memphis. I have a PhD from Auburn University as well as an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in computational fluid dynamics. My primary research interests are in business analytics and decision making, with a focus on artificial intelligence, including applied deep learning, AI strategy and AI foresight.

I am working on a number of different projects at the moment. One of these involves an experiment that I carried out validating a calibration training web app for improving decision making in organizations. Once completed in the fall this manuscript will be submitted to Management Science. Another project involves the use of transformer-based language models for business analytics. I presented on this work at a pre-ICIS workshop in Munich in December. I plan to complete this working manuscript and submit it to Information Systems Research this winter. Yet another project involves Twitter analytics using big data tools and a package of Jupyter notebooks I plan to make available open source. A manuscript on this package is complete and will be submitted to Decision Support Systems following revision.

I am teaching website development and critical thinking for analytics, but previously I taught Big Data I  and Big Data II courses at Auburn for three years. I developed a novel curriculum for the big data courses that culminated in a capstone project involving a Twitter analytics project. I am currently in the job market for a tenure track academic role or select industry positions. In my free time I enjoy travel, skiing, climbing, mountaineering, tennis, running and playing with my dog Cuda.