My Top Projects

I am working on three projects that I would like to talk about if you are interested:

  1. Intelligence Rising, an AI scenario role-play game that I helped to develop along with my CSER-led team. I am looking for people interested in discussing or playing the game, and I am also trying to recruit a new game master in the DC area. (The game works best with 8-12 players, but can work with 4-16; we recommend a 4-hour session, including intro, gameplay and debrief.)
  2. I am working on a project for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation regarding the impact of foundation models on scientific research, and I am interested in policy regarding the potential for big tech hegemony over foundation models to disrupt basic scientific research. I am looking for people with experience in science policy who may be willing to collaborate on a piece I’m working on for Science that encourages government support of industry partnerships to foster democratization of very large models.
  3. I am working with Phil Tetlock on developing methods and organizing forecasting tournaments for x-risk, and particularly TAI. We are not only interested in improving forecasts, but also improving the quality of questions and the logical coherence of forecasters’ explanations. Moreover, we are not only interested in TAI timelines, but also in near-to-mid-term technologies and impacts.